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The 18th Condensed Matter Physics Meeting, is held since 1984 in Ankara, was held on 25th November 2011 in the B Hall of the Convention Centre of METU.


Our Group attended to this conference with the oral presentation of Ercüment Yüzüak, "The structural, electrical and magnetic investigation of the epitaxial Ni-Mn-Sn ultra-thin films",

and with the poster presentations of Onur Tozkoparan and Oğuz Yıldırım, "The effect of addition of Nickel nanoparticles on the polymer-based chemical adsorbents", The effect of emplacement of iron nanoparticles on the absorbant properties of Polymer-based chemical adsorbents" and "The effect of number and structure of layers on the magnetic properties in LBL thin films".


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