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Manyetik Malzemeler Araştırma Grubu Anasayfa

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Our laboratory is a world-class magnetic materials laboratory. For details:

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Our research laboratory was established in the 1950s by the Swedish physicist. Prof. Dr. Harald PERLITZ as 'X-ray Crystallography Laboratory'. In this laboratory, many famous crystallographers reached and approximately 100 MS and PhD thesis work has been completed until the end of the mid-1990s.

Crystallography laboratory in 1998. Our laboratory, re-arranged for prepare and examine magnetic materials. Our group mainly focused on showing interesting structural and magnetic properties materials for advanced technology. In our laboratory  we are using a variety of methods for producing magnetic materials. For example, using heat treatments can affect the composition and magnetic properties of the produced materials.

The Main Research Subjects:

 ·        Magnetic Materials

 ·        Magnetocaloric Materials

 ·        Boron-Based Magnetic Materials

 ·        Nanomagnetism

 ·        Spintronik

 ·        Magnetic refrigeration

 ·        Shape Memory Alloys
   Manyetik Malzemeler Araştırma Grubu, Ankara Üniversitesi Mühendislik Fakültesi Fizik Mühendisliği Bölümü, 06100 Tandoğan -ANKARA
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